A Writers Guild on the Grand River

When dedicated fiction writers pull up a chair to support one another, amazing things can happen. Genius new ideas, stronger plot lines, inspiring character sketches, and insightful commentary float across the table, resulting in fully realized short stories, riveting novels, or even publication.

As a born writer, I’ve had the privilege to experience this in many writers groups over the years. Some of the groups were larger than others, some provided more comments in the margins, and some used different formats to offer a range of activities.

The best writers groups truly stood the test of time — forming strong friendships, supporting fun collaborations, and opening our eyes to new opportunities. This is what the Grand River Writers Guild aspires to become.

We’ve strived to make our writers group a hub where members can offer meaningful commentary, truly improve in their writing, and form strong connections over time. Which brings me to this exciting news!

We are launching the free group in a new location, bringing the Grand River Writers Guild to life in my new home city of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Founded in January 2019, the Grand River Writers Guild started in Lansing, Michigan. The critique group was made up of 4-8 fiction writers who exchanged scenes from their novels and stories with other writers. Writers joined from various experience levels, including writers whose work was unpublished, self-published, and even represented by a literary agent in the traditional publishing industry.

We welcome strong fiction writers of many backgrounds! Our format calls for each writer to submit up to 3,500 words to an online drop box, read and comment on each other’s submissions in advance, and attend an in-person meeting to share their impressions and advice. The meetings include a round table discussion, where every writer is invited to give constructive criticism and praise on every piece that was submitted. Afterward, everyone is invited to socialize or stay late to discuss the writing craft.

Interested in exchanging scenes from your story for conversation and critique? We’re gathering a small circle of writers to meet for this critique group in Grand Rapids, and we’d love to consider your writing!

Due to the global pandemic, we will seek writers who are fully vaccinated and take reasonable precautions. Meeting times and locations will be decided with our members to find something that works for everyone.

Want to try out the critique group? Show us your work! To be considered, please email a sample of your fiction (2-5 pages) to Melissa at: mf.kaelin@gmail.com

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