Melissa F. Kaelin is a writer, painter, and photographer who recently moved to Michigan. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She is native to rural Ohio and spent her formative years with nonfiction and creative writing in Minnesota, where she lived for 11 years.

Melissa has more than a decade of experience in writing, editing and design. She is a nature enthusiast, a dog lover, and a chaser of the Aurora Borealis. In 2017, she became one of the founding organizers of the Aurora Summit, a national conference celebrating the Northern Lights. Her adventures have been featured in the press.


Melissa’s writing has been published in many literary journals, including the Aurorean and Still Point Arts Quarterly. She has written for a wide variety of publications, including City Pages and a cover story for Minnesota Monthly magazine. She writes both fiction and nonfiction, including short stories, poetry, and entries of creative nonfiction on her blog.

She has written several books, including a poetry chapbook entitled Hope in the Hoarfrost, which was self-published in 2016. She finished writing her first novel in 2015, and the manuscript is currently under consideration within the publishing industry. In 2017, Melissa started working on her second novel — a work in progress.


Melissa’s paintings have been featured in many exhibits, as well as books and literary journals. Her painting “Mauve Memories” was published on the cover of the chapbook We Had To Go On Living in 2013, and several of her paintings were printed in the literary journal Still Point Arts Quarterly in 2018.

After a life-altering event in 2011, Melissa found it difficult to write for a year. Instead, she turned to art for peace and healing, painting a series of silhouettes on 24 x 12 canvases. She continues to share her paintings through exhibits and publication opportunities.

Much of Melissa’s work deals with themes of loss and recovery, after her mother, stepfather, and her 13-year-old twin brothers died in a car accident in London, Ohio. Her father also passed away in 2009. She publishes under her maiden name to honor her past and the artistic streak in her family.

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