Published Books

With so many genres of writing, I’m always finding new and exciting ideas. Below are a few of the books I’ve published.

Novels in the Works

As a career writer, my writing has been published in many newspapers, magazines, and literary journals. Now, my goal is to break into traditional publishing with fiction.

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Nonfiction Books

“Social Gap Experiment Anthology”

During the global pandemic of COVID-19, I had the honor of featuring authors and artists from the virtual creative community in a project I created called the Social Gap Experiment.

Social Gap Cover ThumbnailAs we bridged the gap of social distancing using social media, I edited and published an anthology featuring more than 40 authors and artists, to raise funds for those suffering due to the pandemic. The Social Gap Experiment: An Anthology is now available on Amazon.

The anthology includes poetry, fiction, non-fiction, hip hop, art and photography, providing a moving collection of creative work from the creative community.

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“Hope in the Hoarfrost”

The first book I published features a collection of poetry written over the course of 10 years, complimented by original photographs I’ve taken.

hope-coverDrawing from poetry in both rhyming and modern formats, I created a poetry chapbook with two sections, Modern Poetry and Earlier Poems. Hope in the Hoarfrost: A Poetry Collection was self-published in 2016.

The chapbook features full color photographs of nature, as well as an emotional collection of poems composed from 2005 to 2010.

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In 2021, I introduced a new concept for a nonfiction book that I plan to pitch to literary agents.

  • Working Title: The Aurora Chaser Chronicles
    If you have an amazing story about your encounter with the Aurora, join the group to participate in the book and its journey: Facebook Group: Tell Your Aurora Story