Other Stories

It takes time and reflection to perfect a short story. Some of my short stories are a work in progress or not available online.

Here’s an overview of some of my other short stories:

♦ Whispers in the Brick: Part I, Magical realism
— Moving into a brick house where she is meant to live alone during a pandemic, a young woman encounters a mystery hidden in the brick walls. Read the first section.

♦ The Sparkler Chronicles, Literary Fiction
— When sparks fly on July 4, 2020, it isn’t the holiday anyone expected. Least of all for the protagonist, who is making sparks of her own. Read more.

♦ Wishing on the Clock, Magical realism
— On the clock, 11:11 is a time for making wishes, but when the clock runs behind, so do the wishes. Read more.

 Seeing Orange, Literary fiction
— In a metaphor for wild emotion, fire and injustice rage on the fringes of a controlled burn in the countryside.** Read more.

Black and Tan, Literary fiction
— New in town, a single woman meets a stranger eye to eye, only to find his gaze impenetrable, and she questions what kind of soul he hides inside.

Read My Work

A selection of my work is available online. To read my short stories, visit Short Stories.

**From time to time, some content may be password protected. If you would like to read this content, please contact me to request a code to unlock the page.

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