Other Stories

It takes time and reflection to perfect a short story. Some of my short stories are a work in progress or not available online.

Here’s an overview of some of my other short stories:

Black and Tan, Literary fiction
— When a new person in town enters the local bar, she is met with a haunting experience all inspired by one striking feature: a stranger’s eyes.

♦ Wishing on the Clock, Magical realism
— On the clock, 11:11 is a time for making wishes, but when the clock runs behind, so do the wishes.

 Seeing Orange, Literary fiction
— In a metaphor for wild emotion, fire and injustice rage on the fringes of a controlled burn in the countryside.

Read My Work

A selection of my work is available online. To read my short stories, visit Short Stories.

From time to time, some content may be password protected. If you would like to read this content, please contact me for a code to unlock the page.

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