With a flair for creativity, I am constantly challenging myself to do new things. There are many artists, photographers and creative geniuses whom I admire, but I have also discovered a natural talent for painting, photography and multimedia art.

Hjørdis Schooner
This photo of the Hjørdis Schooner in the bay at Grand Marais was selected as Photo of the Day by Capture Minnesota.


My photography has been featured in Minnesota Monthly magazine and awarded Photo of the Day on Capture Minnesota. I also used my photographs to illustrate a collection of  poems in the self-published chapbook, entitled Hope in the Hoarfrost.

Unless otherwise noted, the images on this website and my blog are photographs I’ve taken on my travels. There are many exceptions, though. So, please scroll down to read about the talented photographers who have graciously shared their night sky photography!


Four paintings were exhibited in the Cargill Gallery at Minneapolis Central Library during the “Thirty Years of Hope” exhibit.


After a life-altering event in 2011, I turned to painting for peace and healing. Over the course of several years, I painted more than two dozen scenes in a series of silhouettes on 24 x 12 canvases. Much of my work deals with themes of loss and recovery.

To my surprise, these paintings have touched many people in my life. They were featured during the largest open studio tour in the U.S., at Art-A-Whirl 2013 in Northeast Minneapolis. Following the exhibit, Red Bird Chapbooks offered to publish “Mauve Memories” on the cover of a nonfiction chapbook entitled We Had To Go On Living.

With the help of Altered Esthetics, four paintings were also selected for a gallery exhibit called “Thirty Years of Hope” at the Minneapolis Central Library. The exhibit was held to raise funds for the Minnesota AIDS Project, and my paintings were reviewed by Lavender Magazine.

From time to time, I also look for opportunities to exhibit my paintings in local galleries and coffee shops.


Artist’s Statement

As a self-taught artist, I paint with mindful brush strokes, juxtaposing darkness and shadow with brilliant light. The resulting images depict the radiant colors that can be seen in a storm at twilight, if only we can find it in ourselves to see.