How amazing would it be to become a published novelist? That’s the dream!

In 2015, I completed my first novel, and I’m currently seeking representation. Inspired by rich traditions of folklore and mythology, I started writing my second novel.

Though my first novel has not yet been published, several books featuring my work have, including:

New Fiction

It’s true! I’ve fallen in love with writing fiction.

This website hosts a selection of writing from my foray into contemporary fiction. From short stories to full-length novels, I’m working on a variety of fiction styles, and I hope to add new pieces throughout the year.

Occasionally, I’ll post a secret code on social media to give you a sneak peek during #FictionFriday! To read the excerpts, hover over the Writing section or check the sidebar on this page.

Follow @mfkaelin on Twitter or for updates. If you’re looking for my blog, you can find it here.