How amazing would it be to become a published novelist? That’s the dream! In 2015, I completed my first novel, and I’m currently seeking representation.

Inspired by night sky myth and legend, I write fiction, nonfiction and poetry that portrays nature in all its glory. Many of my story concepts center on rare natural phenomenon or mythology, and I also write emotional stories about complex relationships and the human condition.

To give readers a sense of my work, I’ve posted selections of writing on this website. Move through the navigation menu or scroll down for an introduction to my writing.

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Over the years, fiction has become my favorite! I am currently working toward a book deal in traditional publishing, a journey that often takes years of dedication. Below are some of my best fiction pieces:

Creative Nonfiction

My creative nonfiction has included everything from blogs and newspaper articles to a magazine cover story. Below are some highlights:


The poems I write are very personal and emotional. In 2016, I self-published a collection of my poetry titled “Hope in the Hoarfrost.” To read a few poems, check out the links below:

As for my published works, these are posted under Publications and the News section of the website.

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New Writing

In the coming years, my goal is to master the art and craft of writing fiction in both short and long forms. From literary fiction to magical realism, my work touches on a variety of styles. I also continue to write and publish poetry. I hope to add new pieces to this website over time.

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