In 2016, I started writing short stories as a way to study the writing craft and tap into more creativity. Check out the concepts for my short stories:

Relic in a Bottle, Magical realism
— In this novella-length story, young workers at an Atlanta museum become entwined in urban legend, after a message in a bottle twists out of control.

The Only Violet Stone, Literary fiction
— Storms over Cincinnati lead to a flood of memories inside a vacant house, in a study of family dynamics and loss.

The Cellist, Literary fiction
— The original version of the story above, this story reveals a serendipitous airport encounter between a passenger and a cellist.

BlackJack: The Dawn of Dark Pollution, Speculative fiction
— A light rail technician tries to fix light outages between Minneapolis and Saint Paul, while being stalked by a mysterious creature of the night.

♦ “Look Up,” Literary fiction
— Braving Lake Superior waves to view the Milky Way, a college student longs to ask her late father’s advice.

♦ Wishing on the Clock, Magical realism
— On the clock, 11:11 is a time for making wishes, but when the clock runs behind, so do the wishes.

 Seeing Orange, Literary fiction
— In a metaphor for wild emotion, fire and injustice rage on the fringes of a controlled burn in the countryside.

 The Prisoner, Literary fiction
— The constraints of a prison come to a family’s home, when they try to break free of their own emotional bonds.

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