Aurora Chasing

Welcome to my adventures in Aurora Chasing! This adventurous pursuit has led me to witness stunning displays of Northern Lights in four states, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Alaska.

My favorite Aurora Chasing hacks:

The Aurora has led me to amazing opportunities across the country, whether it meant covering the launch of the Solar Orbiter at Cape Canaveral as a NASA Social Media Ambassador or publishing a bestselling book about chasing the Aurora Below the 45th Parallel. I draw inspiration from helping others to catch their first display of the Northern Lights, and helping them realize that the magic could happen in their own backyard.

Explore the thrill of Aurora Chasing!

‘Below the 45th Parallel’

The third book I’ve published, “Below the 45th Parallel: The Beginner’s Guide to Chasing the Aurora in the Great Lakes Region” offers those who are getting started lots of pointers and advice for catching the Northern Lights in the places where they are extremely rare — at and below the latitude of 45° North.

This book was inspired in no small part by the Michigan Aurora Chasers, a group I created on January 20, 2021. You see, it’s not always easy to catch Aurora at below the 45th Parallel. Here, Aurora displays can be subtle, brief, unexpected and barely visible to the unaided eye. But with advice from seasoned Aurora Chasers like myself, who have experienced their fair share of failure, you can find out what it takes to catch this elusive natural phenomenon in a location near you.

Just as I do on social media, I’ve published my best advice in an accessible way, simplifying some of the complicated science behind the Aurora and the solar wind, and discussing it in a warm, conversational tone. I’ve devoted sections to many of the major challenges facing Aurora Chasers, and I’ve created simple numbered and bulleted lists that anyone can use when they are out there, in the dark, on the chase, pursuing the lights!

For over 10 years, I have been volunteering in the Aurora Chasing community, and I absolutely love it! Even on the nights when it becomes painstakingly difficult. Even on the nights when we get aced. I find so much inspiration in sharing the Aurora’s dance with others. My goal is to help more people find, understand and celebrate the elusive Northern Lights!