Creative Nonfiction

As a trained journalist with years of experience in print newspapers, I enjoy the challenge of writing nonfiction. It’s a pursuit made even more enjoyable with embellishments such as creative license, metaphor, and personal insight.

Interested in creative nonfiction? Over the years, I’ve written hundreds — maybe thousands — of articles and essays, but this is a place to start!

Explore my nonfiction writing:

Highlights: A Still Life Water Color

Maintaining a blog has proven challenging over the years, with the different demands on my time. I spend a lot of time crafting these essays, though, and some of them number among my favorite pieces. A few highlights appear below.

Up Close & Personal

If you take heart in learning we’re not alone in our struggles, or if you’re interested in reading something more personal, I’ve shared a great deal of my life story through writing. These essays reveal my experiences in a way that is up close and personal.

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