Aurora Chasing in the U.S.

Chase the Northern Lights, and find out what it takes to catch a view in your own backyard.

An avid Aurora Chaser, I’m excited to share my advice on capturing the Northern Lights in the lower 48 states. Get tips for beginners and overcome the many obstacles to catch an amazing display. If you enjoy the content, subscribe below.

Latest Posts

10 Years of Aurora Chasing

To celebrate 10 years of chasing this rare natural phenomenon, I traveled to Alaska near the 65th Parallel — where I can dance with the Aurora in her own neighborhood. The North.

Aurora On Angel’s Wings

It’s 2 a.m. My eyes are bleary, my arms and legs tender from a lack of sleep. My dog can hardly keep her head upright, whether she is indoors or out, and my man looks once more longingly at the sky, as I do. This is how we appear after a night of Aurora Chasing.

Whistling on a Mountain

If one happens to be out alone at night under the Aurora Borealis and hears a whistling sound, one has only to whistle in return, and the lights will come closer out of curiosity.

2021 Year in Review

In many ways, 2021 was a wild year! It marked poignant milestones, incredible accomplishments, bittersweet endings, and exciting new beginnings. This was a year when we got vaccinated, reunited with long lost friends, and truly realized the value of having meaningful connection in our lives.

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