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To buy prints, place your order on To purchase an original painting, check out the Etsy Shop or contact the artist.

Buying Prints
Fine Art America offers a wide range of art prints to fit any budget. Prices vary based on the options you choose. To simplify your order, choose from one of these two options:

Option 1. Greeting Cards                                              $5/card or $30 for 10
Crop the art to create individual or packaged greeting cards with envelopes.

Option 2. Art Prints                                                           $16 to $40
Get a standard high-quality print of the painting, printed on fine art paper in your requested size. Add matting if desired. For the best results, choose from these 4 paintings:

Sweet Raspberry Sunset2012_07_10_Strength on Shore_12x24_Pro_webVibrant EveningSeed Of A New Beginning

For more information, contact the artist.