My Metamorphosis

A butterfly is at first only a caterpillar. It is through metamorphosis — the transformation inside her silky cocoon — that the caterpillar gets its wings.

An Epiphany

The meaning of my given name is “Butterfly” or “Free Spirit.” Though I’ve always liked my first name, there is something I didn’t realize until now.

As I have moved through life, enormous obstacles have fallen into my path. They have challenged me. They have changed me. They have left me desirous of the kind of life I could not have.

So, I stumbled into a silky cocoon. Then I rediscovered a part of myself I lost so many years ago.

A sort of “metamorphosis.”

Upon learning how I have grown since 2011, my heart opened up so much that a river of emotions started pouring out. Through tears, confessions, laughter, and a warm embrace, I stumbled onto another piece of the puzzle. Grief turned my life up-side down, and I haven’t felt like myself in years. In 2017, I feel like myself again!

This persona is brighter and bolder. Even for me, the sheer depth of emotion is blinding at times. But I’m going to embrace it, display it proudly and make it my own. It starts now.

Follow my journey with #MyMetamorphosis17 on social media. It’s a unique hashtag, and I’ll be posting updates for a short while on Facebook, Twitter and occasionally Instagram.

I hope my metamorphosis will lead me into bold new territory
— and give this fledgling butterfly her wings!

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  1. Timothy Price says:

    Metamorphosis and epiphanies can be so good and refreshing.

    1. I totally agree! The more I open myself up to the possibilities and trust that there’s a place for my art in the world, the more opportunities present themselves to me. It’s an exciting journey. Especially now that I’m feeling refreshed!

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