When in April

Grief is such a poignant emotion. It has a particularly profound impact when the world grieves collectively, as entire communities endure tragic or unexpected loss.

The month of April marks a difficult time for me. I know, too, that the loss I experienced one April evening lingers on the minds of many family, friends, and people I will never meet. We share a boundless grief, because we shared a boundless love. Every year, the spring brings new blossoms and a fresh breeze, and with it, the wind carries a bittersweet reminder.

It troubles my heart to watch, as the world now grieves in April.

We grieve our loved ones, who have fallen ill in a global pandemic. We grieve our lifestyles, as we create social distances, all the while craving the physical presence of the friends, lovers, and family we hold so dear. We grieve the lost opportunities of young and old alike, and of the seniors in our high schools and colleges, who have missed out on so much.

One day, the burden on our hearts will lift. Collectively, we will smile again. We will emerge to greet the limitless opportunities of a new day.

Until then, you have my empathy. My tears. My solace. My hope.

— Written in April 2020, I’ve updated this post as it becomes even more relevant one year later.

If it helps, below are a few meditations on love and grief.

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