A Poem: Minneapolis

During a time of heartbreak, tragedy and healing, I’m moved to share this poem written in 2005. It was born out of romantic love, but perhaps it may hold new meaning in 2020.


Apprehensive of the northern sunrise,
The morning passage wet with dew,
And the road measured in yellow lines,
The distance traveled long and true.

Building a courage out of crossed bridges,
Through the weight of the cityscapes,
Facing darkness in a forgotten farmland,
Time stopped to find this place.

Under the evening of the Elm trees,
Questions dissolved in the midst of time.
The courtyard saw our souls’ exchange,
It saw your spirit strengthen mine.

An August night found us faith,
Taking strength on the city steps.
By microphone we shared our thoughts,
Reminiscing over what we’d left.

In summer storms and autumn wind,
Compassion came of the overcast,
In anticipation of the rest of our lives,
We forged a friendship that would last.

This poem is dedicated to a man I loved.

Written by Melissa F. Kaelin
© 2005

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