Year in Review 2020

Looking back on the last year, there’s no doubt 2020 brought tough challenges. Those challenges were unique to each one of us. I’ll be the first to admit I struggled in the chaos — my own writing and aurora chasing nearly came to a halt. But in the midst of it all, we kept going.

In the spirit of hope and creativity, I’ve spent some time reflecting on the last year — the good and the bad. I’m a big believer in keeping your eyes on the goal, never giving up, and believing in yourself, so you can pursue your dreams. On that note, this is my year in review.

The year was not quite what I expected, but it opened doors, led to new adventures, and inspired many of us to form a community and make a meaningful impact. Wishing everyone a safe holiday season and better things in 2021!


In January, I didn’t do much as I was likely recovering from an early case of COVID-19, but I did research the writing craft and stumble onto a formula for a perfectly suspenseful novel.

Check out these resources.


In February, I went behind the scenes at Cape Canaveral to cover the launch of the Solar Orbiter as a NASA Social Media Ambassador. Hard to believe that happened in 2020!

Explore the experience.


In March, I performed a piece of flash fiction in Fiction 440, a local fiction performance group, in the last edition before the global pandemic forced businesses to close. I also had the honor of sitting with a late friend, whose memory I would later honor in a book.

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In April, I performed on stage at The Robin Theatre during an edition of The Poetry Room, a local open mic featuring amazing poets, spoken word artists and musicians. The event would soon go virtual to protect people from the outbreak of COVID-19.

Read my poetry.


In May, I performed the first half of my story “Whispers in the Brick” in a virtual edition of The Artist’s Umbrella, a local talent showcase. While spending enormous amounts of time working remotely, I also broke my first bone — my pinky finger.

Read my short stories.


In June, I launched a series of live videos in a pandemic project that I called the Social Gap Experiment, featuring creatives on Facebook Live every week. The project has since grown into a book and a fundraiser to support those who have lost income due to the global pandemic.

View the Social Gap Experiment.


In July, I decided to edit my Aurora Novel one final time, creating more revision work. And I finally kayaked the Grand River. I also caught a sighting of the Comet NEOWISE from my grandparents’ farmhouse.

Read the aurora novel concept.


In August, I took a solo road trip to the Porcupine Mountains, to recenter myself in nature. I left inspired by my hike at the Lake of the Clouds, which led me to write the Unfiltered Series.

Read the series.


In September, I was featured by the Lansing Poetry Club in the We Miss You series. I also celebrated my 2-year work anniversary at a major research university, after coming out of some very difficult years.

View the feature.


In October, my short story about an Aurora Chaser was published in the REO Town Reading Series Anthology. One of my characters, a fond stargazer and Aurora Chaser named Clarence, makes his debut!

Check out the anthology!


In November, a pandemic project brought 43 authors and artists together to publish the Social Gap Experiment Anthology, with all proceeds going to support those in need. It’s now available on Amazon!

Get your copy!


In December, those who participated in the Social Gap Experiment were featured in a news article. The Social Gap Experiment Anthology was covered in the City Pulse.

Read the story.

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